Sergio Barale’s Selection

A deep connection to the Langhe and knowledge of the hills’ memory have always guided Sergio to respect the region and its vines. Sergio Barale’s Selection is evidence of this, fruit of his long research into the company’s best vineyards. The renowned Bussia zone was chosen for experimental planting of Nebbiolo CN142, with the ambition to produce a Barolo bringing together ottimal soil quality whit the best production characteristics of modern clones. The Castellero ridge was chosen for the late harvest for which Barbera d’Alba La Preda is now renowned. Ideal soil and climate conditions and very limited production characterize these wines, Sergio’s homage to the land. Unique inspiration yielded the Metodo Classico Sullelanghe. From an old Pinot Noir vineyard in near-abandon the idea of creating a sparkling wine from this land, which speaks volumes about its multifaceted personality.